Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tots to Teens with Sue B

Hello everyone and as I sit here on Saturday afternoon it's pouring with rain, good start to the bank holiday. Thank you all for your entries last week, some great ones but also some that don't adhere to the very few rules we have so they won't be considered for the top three.

Well it's all change in CD Sunday towers, Beryl has decided to step down as life has taken over so thank you Beryl for your contribution while you've been on the team and although you are taking a break from blogging if you feel the need we will still be here, (hopefully).

The next change is as from next week we are going to become a fortnightly blog, this allows the two teams to get back together as one but doesn't put any pressure on anyone and it will give you more time to join in with us. I do hope you will continue to support us and join in 'cos we'd miss you if you weren't there.

Now you gave Wynn a very tough time with your Victorian Beauties and did she have a dilemma, it's all your fault for producing such stunning work!  Anyway after much opening of pages and wondering why she signed up for this she has finally made a choice, she has given us some insight into why she has chosen the ones she has so here we go.

1st place is Angie No 6

 It's a truly stunning creation and a lot of work and thought has gone into it. From the tags to the fabulous handmade flowers and appropriate sayings to link the images.
2nd is Jane No 4
A very very close second. Loved the framing . It looks so real and is cleverly softened with the tuille bow and flower. The lacey doilies behind adds to the Victorian element linking it all together.
3rd is Chris  No 2
Love the little 'lady'....adorable image. Too cute to resist. The flourish at the side is eye catching too.

Now Wynn has said that the top two were so close that she feels she would like to give a little something to Jane too this week so Angie and Jane please get in touch to claim your prizes.
This week I have added the links for the winners blogs because with both Angie and Jane there is more than one picture and I couldn't put them all on here or I'd be here all week, so do go and have a look.

OK now onto this week and Sue has chosen Tots to Teens and I won't tell you what my reaction was but never mind I did manage so I'm sure you will to.
Polka doodles Work & play collection 2
Here Come the Girls CD
Crazy Cats cd from Card Creations +
Rachelle Anne Miller Collection
 Peerless Designs CD - Gingham & Lace
Oohh La La Shawn Jenkins

Well if there isn't something in that little lot to give you at least a spark of inspiration I'll be amazed, so go get your cd's and join us and for the last time you only have a week.
Please link to your post and not your blog, I know we say this every week but we still have people who link to the blog which means we have to trawl through posts to find the entry at times.  Please, please use something from a CD somewhere in the making of your project and give the CD credit. We still get the odd entry that has not had a CD used in the making and although they are lovely to see they won't be considered for receiving any prizes on offer and the team will not visit to comment.We look forward to seeing you during the week and … please have fun.
Jenny x


  1. Thanks for picking me in the top 3 again this week. Apologies for not joining in last week, I won't be able to join in this week either but hopefully by next weekend things will be back to normal and I'll be crafting again!

  2. Sorry to see Beryl go. Congratulations to the fabulous winners. I think going fortnightly is a good idea, as sometimes, by the time I get the idea, it's too late to enter!

  3. Here's hoping 'life' gets kinder for Beryl - sad to see her having to step down.
    I think you've made the right decision to go fortnightly. Life's so busy for everyone that it can be impossible to enter a card challenge every week. Hopefully more people will have the time to joy in now.

  4. A big thank you to you all for the work you put in - having been GDT last year for a month I can appreciate the work you do. Sad to see Beryl leaving - but thank you to her too.
    I think the fortnightly challenge will work well - like Marina I have sometimes found that by the time my mojo kicks in I have missed the deadline.
    Thank you also for the great inspiration cards this morning - better kick start my mojo now.

  5. I would like to say thank you to Beryl for all the hard work she has put in and hope when life gets easier she will be back.
    I hope I have not been around this year so far, what with the accident and then the cancer op on my eye. But I have been watching and looking at the blog every week, there's been some wonderful cards both from the team and the members. We go on holiday on the 3rd June for a week, and then hopefully I will be back among you.

  6. Great DT Samples once again! Thanks for the challenges, weekly or fortnightly I will still try to play along! See you tomorrow with my entry!
    Dawn xx

  7. More lovely cards. I always come to have a look each week even though I don't often enter

  8. I just linked up my card - this is the first time I've played here - and the first time I've used a CD in my crafts! Thank you for a fun challenge - your DT sample cards are gorgeous and I like how you name the CDs used - I'm starting a wish list already! Wishing you and your team a joyful day!

  9. Hello! Gorgeous DT cards ladies. Michelle x

  10. Crikey talk about cutting it close - just uploaded mine - not too close as got 2 hours to spare!!! Phew...wont be leaving it so long next time, I was starting to feel stressed over it!!
    Lots of new names and great entries this time round - good luck everyone!
    Angie Mac