Sunday, 4 November 2018

Mid challenge post for 'Off the cutting room floor' - chosen by Carol

As, very disappointingly, we had only two entries to this challengeand it seems unfair to choose one above the otherI have decided that there will not be a Top card or a prize given.  I would just like to give a massive thank you to both our entrants - Jo and Linby -  for their continued support.
We will now see you all again on the 11th of November for the new challenge.  Don’t forget to click here for the ideas and inspirations from the team on the current challenge and Mr Linky of course for your entries.

I am going to leave the following announcement in place for a while to give everyone a chance to read it:
We would be grateful if you would all read the following important announcement:

The CD Sunday Team has decided that starting next year (2019) we are going to change our prize giving policy. We will still be giving prizes but just three times a year.

The first special will be our Birthday special on the nearest CD Sunday to the 18th of April.

The second special will be an August holiday special - last CD Sunday in August.

The third special will be a Christmas special (nearest challenge Sunday to the Christmas break).

 The themes - of course - will be announced as they are done now chosen by the team member in rotation. The prize winners of the special prizes will be chosen by all the team members.

We will be choosing just one Top entry each month, but there will be no prize awarded except for the three special months as above. The Top entry will be announced with the next but one following challenge (as it used to be).

Carol and the CD Sunday team

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  1. Such a shame there weren't more entries, I thought it was a great theme. Jo x